Der Arzt (The Physician)

Wilhelm Gottfried Ploucquet, 1797

A side-by-side German-English translation

Before I became a medical writer—the way it's defined as a profession—I was writing about medicine as a part of my profession as a historian.

I've long been interested in the history of medical ethics: How did the medical profession develop its ethical tenets? Why do certain issues keep coming up...again...and again...and again?

While I was still employed in academia, I wrote an essay for a collection on Medicine and Law, and in the course of that project, I encountered a physician who made a huge difference in the way that infanticide was prosecuted, and hence in the lives of women unjustly accused.

Learning more about Wilhelm Gottfired Ploucquet, I found that he'd written a treatise on medical ethics, and after I left academia and had the time to do so, one of my first projects was to translate his Der Arzt (1797). If you're interested, here is a sample. The hard cover is available on The paperback is available by special order if you email me.